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About the War of the Worlds Invasion website

This website arose from an article I wrote about the Orson Welles radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds for the British science fiction magazine SFX.

It has since expanded into an attempt to give a total overview of every book, film, TV series, radio show, comic and musical ever inspired by the original novel, and to place these into an historical context.

Using this site, you can explore hundreds of pages of information including overviews of each genre and detailed reviews. Each page will hopefully give you new and interesting avenues to explore.

Most recently, the site has formed the basis of my book, Waging the War of the Worlds, which tells in considerably greater detail the history of Radio panic broadcasts based on The War of the Worlds.

I am always delighted to hear from people with an interest in this subject, and especially welcome any information on items I may have missed.

For more on my freelance writing, please visit my online CV.

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