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UFO Flying Saucers #5 (Gold Key, 1975)

UFO Flying Saucers #5 (Gold Key Comics, 1975) cover

What an oddly cumbersome title for a comic book. Published by Gold Key (an imprint of Western Publishing) the company never reached the dizzying heights of Marvel or DC, but had a wide range of titles in their ... read more about UFO Flying Saucers.

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UFO Flying Saucer interior illustration

UFO, Flying Saucers #5, (Gold Key, 1975). Interior.


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Classics Illustrated 124

Classics Illustrated 124. The most famous and enduring comic book adaptation of The War Of The Worlds.

War Of The Worlds from Dark Horse Comics

The War Of The Worlds. The Dark Horse Comics version of the War Of The Worlds is one of the most faithful adapatations of the original novel.

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