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Martian in Spaced Invaders (1988)

Martian in Spaced Invaders

What might happen if aliens intercept our radio transmissions from Earth is a fairly common concept in science fiction, but this movie twists the idea like a coiled spring by linking in the Orson Welles broadcast. Ultimately the material is so tightly wound that the whole thing comes across like .... read more.

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Poster for Spaced Invaders Martian spacecraft departs ,in Spaced Invaders The Martian Fleet ,in Spaced Invaders

Poster for Spaced Invaders.

Martian spacecraft departs.

The Martian Fleet.

The humans are armed ,in Spaced Invaders Douglas Barr as Sam meets the Martians ,in Spaced Invaders Patrol car after a close encounter ,in Spaced Invaders

The humans are armed.

Douglas Barr as Sam meets the Martians.

Patrol car after a close encounter.

Locals see a UFO ,in Spaced Invaders Martian ,in Spaced Invaders Martians ,in Spaced Invaders

Locals see a UFO.



Ariana Richards as Kathy, in Spaced Invaders Douglas Barr as Sam,in Spaced Invaders

Ariana Richards as Kathy.

Douglas Barr as Sam.


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Radio Days by Woody Allen. A sentimental trip back in time to the golden age of radio that includes the War Of The Worlds broadcast.

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