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Orson Welles directs The Mercury Theatre (1938)

Orson Welles directs The Mercury Theatre

In this atmosphere of tension, Orson Welles and his staff were preparing their latest Mercury Theater presentation, a show that has previously dramatised such novels as "The Count of Monte Cristo" and "Dracula". On the face of it, The War Of The Worlds should have had no greater effect on the listening public than the previous broadcasts, which is to say, none at all, but Welles and his writer Howard Koch were planning something special this .... read more.

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Orson Welles Howard Koch John Houseman

Orson Welles, broadcasting on The Mercury Theatre.

Howard Koch, writer of The War Of The Worlds broadcast.

John Houseman, producer to Orson Welles.


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War Of The Worlds, Santiago, Chile

The War Of The Worlds. Santiago in Chile suffers a major panic when the Welles broadcast is remade to terrifying effect.

War Of The Worlds, Quito, Ecuador

The War Of The Worlds. A third radio inspired panic was triggered in Quito, Ecuador, but this one was deadly.

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