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This is very simple. This site is run as a source of information. I have no interest in retaining your e-mail address or other personal details for any other purpose than the sharing of information between like minded people. I will never reveal any personal details obtained in the course of running this site, be it to another member (without your express permission) or to any company or organisation. If you wish me to remove your e-mail details from my inbox at any time, this will be done on request. This site does not send bulk mail to people who have contacted me, so other than when you yourself have clearly requested a response, you will not receive e-mail newsletters or other unsolicited communications.

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Marvel Classics: The War Of The Worlds

Marvel Classic Comics: The War Of The Worlds. The novel gets a more extreme and faithful comic book makeover from Marvel.

Best Sellers Illustrated: The War Of The Worlds

Best Sellers Illustrated. The Martians invade in the early years of the 21st century in this post 9-11 re-imagining of The War Of The Worlds.

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